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Are You Ready

For The Paddy Dakar 2017

Sign in, Doon Community Centre Doon Co. Limerick Ireland

A challenge for those who go. A dream for those that stay behind

Paddy Dakar 2017 Event Schedule

Paddy Dakar 2017 Date Where
Rider Registrations Open June 1st - Aug 31st Register On-Line Here
Sign In Riders Must Have Preregistered On-Line TBC Doon Community Centre
Safety Briefing For 24 Hr Riders TBC TBC
Start For 24 Hr Riders TBC TBC
Safety Briefing For 12 Hr Riders TBC TBC
start For 12 Hr Riders TBC Start/Finish Doon
Safety Briefing TBC Doon Community Centre
Night Ride Return TBC
Breakfast TBC TBC
Main EventRider Start TBC TBC
Kids DakarFuture Champions TBC Doon
Last Bike Back TBC No dilly dallying
Results TBC Doon Community Centre
Bands, BBQ & BeersSoccer Queen TBC Doon

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt

What Paddy Has Been Up To For The Winter

You Will Never Win An Argument With A Tree

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