• A challenge for those who go
    A Dream for those who stay behind

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  • Dirt bikes don't leak oil
    they just mark their territory

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  • Four wheels move your body,TWO WHEELS MOVE YOUR SOUL.

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Are You Ready

For The Paddy Dakar 2016

Sign in, Doon Community Centre Doon Co. Limerick Ireland

A challenge for those who go. A dream for those that stay behind

Paddy Dakar 2016 Event Schedule

Paddy Dakar 2016 Date Where
Rider RegistrationsOpen 01/06/2016 On-Line Only - See www.thepaddydakar.ie
Sign In Riders Must Have Preregistered On-Lin 18/09/2016 18:30 Hrs Doon Community Centre
Safety Briefing 23/09/2016 20:30hrs Doon Community Centre
Night Ride (Optional) 23/09/2016 21:00hrs Somewhere in the hills
Night Ride Return 23/09/2016 23:00hrs
Breakfast 24/09/2016 06:30Hrs Doon Community Centre
Main EventRiders, Off From Dawn 24/09/2016 07:00:30hrs Somewhere Between The Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea
Last Bike BackPaddy Last 24/09/2016 17:30hrs No dilly dallying
Results 24/09/2016 18:00hes Doon Community Centre
Bands, BBQ & BeersSoccer Queen 24/09/2016 19:30 - Till Early Hours Doon

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt

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